About Robert

Robert Vesco

I'm a doctoral student at the University of Maryland's Robert H. Smith School of Business.

My research interests include understanding (a) why some areas are more entrepreneurial than others, (b) what drives people to pursue entrepreneurship, and (c) collaboration and innovation processes.

You can find my CV here

Does the media affect entrepreneurial intentions and entry?

Note: This analysis is not peer-reviewed or cross-checked so caution is needed in drawing any conclusions, but I put this out there in hopes that it might spark conversation. Moreover, this study is correlational in design. I use no fancy natural or quasi-experiments to get at the causality of media (which is a very hard [...]

Separating commodity manufacturing from its innovation base is a bad idea in the long-run. Was David Teece prescient?

Teece's 1986 piece on profiting from innovation makes the following claim:

"The trend in international business towards what Miles and Snow [7] call "dynamic networks" - characterized by vertical disintegration and contracting - ought thus be viewed with concern. (Business Week, March 3, 1986, has referred to the same phenomenon as the [...]

Top Words Used in Titles of Top Strategic Management Journals

The following table was created from citation data from Academy of Management Review (AMR), Academy of Management Journal (AMJ) , Administrative Science Quarterly (ASQ) , Management Science (MS), Organizational Science (OS) and the Strategic Management Journal (SMJ). The time period is approximately 2000-2008. There's a lot more I would have liked to have done, but [...]